A Point In Love.

My Funny Valentine

Throughout my life, I’ve reached a point in love, that I thought it impossible to love anymore completely than I did at that particular moment. Time would pass and I would prove myself wrong. Yet within the existence of those stages there would be someone waiting in the wings to snidely say that, I didn’t know what love was and just wait until you get to the next stage, then you will really know. I always found it odd, that an outsider could judge my heart.

When I was in grade school, I loved a boy. He and I would save the world, flying about his back yard with our superhero capes allowing our magical powers to exist. One spring day he married my best friend behind a big rock at the end of her driveway. I was the maid of honor. The wedding was simple. My heart was broken.

I read once that young love is the truest because it is so pure. As we progress through the teenage years of love, scar tissue begins to grow. We experience the fall from breakup, we sit idly next to our unrequited love and we move on. As we grow, we love completely, with all of our past telling us how. It is the best we can do. Sometimes the feelings are so strong we push them away because we fear what we might feel in the abandonment of self. That is when we become our own victims forever remembering the one that got away.

If you are fortunate to love someone at whatever stage and in whatever form, cherish it. There is nothing stronger. Whether it be your dog or cat, friend, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife or your child, one is not more important nor is one stronger than someone else’s. They are different. Allow your love to be enough. If just for this Valentine’s Day. Relish in what you have in front of you now. It will change tomorrow and every day after but if you can just be there, without judgement, you may be able to get back to your grade school self.


Do you have a Funny Valentine or are you Anti-Cupid?




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I am a thirty-something-five. I still look at grown-ups and marvel at how adult they are. I have one husband and one baby boy and I feel fortunate for every misstep and every leap because it is that path that brought me to them. I have a Master's Degree in Acting from DePaul University and I wish that I used it more. Something that I am working on. I lived in 5 different states only to end up back in my hometown. Wine was really introduced to me after I promoted a wine and jazz festival in the Northwest. I moved home to run my father's flagship automobile dealership which he owned for some 40 years before his retirement. Until recently I was spending a lot of time searching for myself. I kept greeting the day making plans to change the next one (my dad always told me I was a procrastinator). Now it seems I have found a fire. The futures so bright...