Breast Augmentation Tips: A short guide.

breast augmentation tips

A very good friend asked my advice about breast implants, so thank her for this post.  I realized that while I have participated in many, I really didn’t know ALL the choices women have once they have decided to have a breast augmentation. I have tried to nutshell what I learned from the vast amount of information out there. You too can simply Google: breast implant or breast augmentation tips, and you will be bombarded with information.

For me, the bottom line would be picking the right surgeon and listening to what he recommends is right for you. One of the most informative (without much self aggrandizement) is Doctor David Reath’s. Dr. Reath’s website has very good, clear information with tools to help you pick a surgeon, whether or not you are going to employ him. If you only looked one place for info, look at this one. (No, I don’t work for/know/blow him). Pay special attention to the area that talks about using an ASPS surgeon.

I used many sources, but in addition to the above mentioned, the bulk of info I used came from:

American Society of Plastic Surgeons ASPS. Informative, but pretty boring and “medical-ese” heavy.

Just Breast Implants.  Informative and easy to read.



Implant placement: Over vs. Under the chest muscle.

Under the muscle: From what I can tell, under the muscle is for those who have little breast tissue to begin with. Very skinny, tiny breasted women and women with the tiny empty sacks left after you have imbued the offspring with life giving nectar are examples of candidates for this method. The muscle adds bulk on top of the implant, creating a less “implant-y” look. If you plan on going significantly larger in size, under the muscle will probably be recommended. This is a good method if saline is the chosen implant, as the casing is a bit stiffer and the muscle will help push (smash) it at the top, creating a slope that is more like a natural breast contour. Body builders have to be careful, however, because well-developed pecs can distort the implant. Remember, breast tissue sags, implants do not, so it is important to determine how much tissue you have; you don’t want those puppies hanging off the globes on your chest as you age. It is believed that capsular contracture occurrence is lower in this type.

Over the muscle: This is for women with a bit of meat left in the boobs. The implant “fills up” the breast and allows the implant to take shape. In some cases this method also acts as a “lift”. Silicone implants are good for this, as they have a more natural feel. However, your real boobs are gonna sag at some point, and so will the implant contained within.
Implant type: Saline vs. Silicone vs Cohesive silicone gel aka “Gummy Bear”
Saline implants are silicone elastomer sacs that get filled with saline at the time of surgery, allowing the surgeon to make adjustments as needed during and even after the surgery. They allow for a smaller incision, as the sac is empty and can be rolled up. Should they ever rupture, the saline will leak out and the breast will become distorted, quickly letting you know something is up. Since saline is the same type of salt water we are made up of, the body will absorb it with no expected side effects.
Silicone implants are prefilled to a specific size. This means the incision is necessarily bigger, as the Doc is shoving a jelly filled orb through it. If your silicone implant ruptures, it is not evident, until you get an MRI. It can leak into your tissues and possibly get to your lymph nodes. There is conflicting information on whether or not this will cause other health problems. These are the most natural feeling implant on the market.

Gummy Bear is a new product that is silicone, but it is so highly cohesive, you could cut it in half and the silicone does not ooze out. Think biting a gummy bear in half. From my research, the opinion is reserved. They are firmer and formed. And require yet a bit bigger incision, being less pliable than the silicone. Personally, I’d like to see a longer history of use, before anyone I knew got them.

Smooth vs Texured: Implants can have a smooth or rough surface. There is evidence for & against each. This is one for the doctor to recommend.

Incision locations: Source- (

Areola – with this method, the surgeon makes the incision around the bottom half of the areola. (There is some evidence suggesting that this may increase infection risk , due to proximity to the breast ducts-BM)

Transaxillary or “transax” – this incision is placed in the armpit.

Inframmary – also known as a “crease incision”.  A small incision is made in the crease of the breast.

TUBA – also known as transumbilical breast augmentation.  A small incision is made in the belly button through which the implants are inserted.

Coincidentally, I ran into an old friend who just had an augmentation.  Under muscle, silicone, inframammary (crease) incision. They feel & look good. However, she said that despite chatting with many people who had had boob jobs, no one told her how much it hurts. Well, yeah. They cut you, create a pocket (think how you would do that to stuff a chicken breast-lots of tissue tearing & stretching), and then force an object bigger than the space into it. To be fair, she got very sick from the narcotics, so she did not have a lot of pain med on board.  Another interesting theme I ran into was that it is almost a foregone conclusion that you WILL need a revision (re-do) eventually. I didn’t delve too deeply into complications, but they include; infection, capsular contracture (body forms a hard capsule around the implant) and this: Worst Boob Jobs. Just a heads up.


You didn’t think you would get out of this without my opinion, right? Personally, I wouldn’t risk the potential complications for a purely cosmetic procedure. (See my posts on surgery).  Of course this is coming from someone who had tits since the age of 9. I can’t say for sure that when my 3rd chin is sagging lower than my tits I wouldn’t get it lifted. But also, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Do it for you, not to catch/keep a man/woman, not to make a frenemy jealous and certainly not to boost your self esteem. No amount of carving on your body is gonna change the picture you carry of yourself in your head. If you think it will, save your money and spend it on therapy.

Have you had or are you thinking about breast surgery? Do you have any breast augmentation tips? We would love to hear from you.


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