Does This TV Make Me Look Fat?

courtney lenz

While flipping through one of my grocery line trash mags (In Touch), my eye caught a certain exclamation. MJ Javid from Shahs Of Sunset was declaring, “Skinny is not appealing to me.” Shahs of Sunset does not have a space reserved on my guilty pleasure viewing list so I am not familiar with MJ’s personality, however she is recognizable to me as a reality star. And there she was, in her bikini, with her curves and thickness, giving the paparazzi taking the photo a “fuck you” look.

The facts. MJ Javid claims to be a size 8 to 10. Her “talent” is that she is rich and some producer found her interesting enough to put her on television. She is a reality star and she is happy with her body.


Rewind to a week before the Super Bowl. There I was eating my oatmeal while watching the news. Courtney Lenz, a Ravens Cheerleader, was whining about how she was being kept from performing at the big game. According to Lenz, the Ravens had declared that due to weight gain and lack of appearances throughout the year she would not be able to participate. She left out the part that 28 other cheer-mates would also be left behind, but poor little plumpy needs to cry wolf.

Again, the facts. Coutney Lenz claims that she gained 1.8 pounds. Her “talent” is cheerleading” A sport which relies heavily (no pun intended) on looks. She made the decision at 18 to audition for the team and over the five years she cheered for the Ravens, she knew what was expected of her. The rules didn’t change. A cheerleaders fitness level is integral to them holding a position on any professional squad. The Ravens are no different.


The irony. The public squawks in magazines like In Touch, about how reality star MJ should loose weight. Yet the public signs petition’s on facebook and cries about the injustices done to a cheerleader who, by the standards of her organization, had become a little chubby. I’m sorry but that shit is  backwards to me. If a reality star has some meat on her bones that makes sense. Furthermore, I find it commendable and applaud the balls that Ms. Javid displays by not conforming to some bullshit idea of what is beautiful, cast onto her by a group of strangers. If she is in fact a size 8 to 10, that is reality America. Shit, I think our Country’s average size is even larger than that. Here’s a thought, worry about your own damn waistline and the inner beauty you are clearly lacking since you find it acceptable to criticize the physique of a perfect stranger.

The hypocrisy. I am all for the Raven’s decision. The girl is a cheerleader. As such I want to believe that I can bounce a quarter not only off her ass but her abs as well. Cheerleader’s to me represent a superior level of fitness. If I can pinch an inch, then girl you clearly forgot to throw up your last bite of lettuce. Kidding. Why were so many fighting for a girl who signed up for a sport that is steeped in superficiality? Girl power? I don’t think so. Lack of brains maybe.

If you are going to fight for something, fight for the real girl. Accept the fact that we have forums which display suggestions of perfection. We expect the reality star to have flaws in whatever form, that is why we watch. At the other end of the spectrum, we expect our cheerleaders will have six packs, shiny hair and a perfect smile. Recognize what you are fighting for. Do you want the reality star to look more like the cheerleader and the cheerleader’s laziness to be accepted? No! If that were the case, you wouldn’t watch the cheerleaders and reality TV would be bore you to pieces. So relax and if you must have someone to pick on, pick on the pageant girls, those beauty queens are dumber then dirt. Kidding.

Kind of.


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