Freaks Of The Week

does equis man

Happy Freaky Friday Ya’ll! I have to admit, this week was rather tame, but there were a couple of interesting searches that popped up. Just like my grade school teacher used to say to my folks when I got in trouble in class, “There’s always one.” Here are my favorite Freaks of the Week:

what would starbuck do. I like this. I wonder what type of advice starbuck gives. Is he a good listener? I imagine he could go one of two ways. Either he’s constantly looking over your shoulder, waiting for someone better to walk in to advise, or he is totally philosophical and goes all Beatnik. I suppose this person is not asking the Dos Equis man because he knows the reply would be, “Stay Thirsty.” If I were to ask a coffee guru for guidance personally I would turn to Juan Valdez, but to each his own.

scuba sex. Interesting and confusing. I googled it. The first thing that came up was a Huffington Post article about a dolphin who tried to get it on with some divers. To add insult to injury the dolphin has been nicknamed, “Stinky the Loner Dolphin.” Maybe he’s humping human’s because we are calling him names. I like to imagine that Stinky heard said humans making fun of him and thought, “what would starbuck do?”

And my personal favorite…

this is bullshit. I agree! Sometime’s we need to do more than shout it out. We need to google it.


Off into the Friday sunset or snowstorm depending on your coast. And remember, Stay Thirsty!



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