Trader Joe’s Has It In The Bag.

trader joes fan

It’s official, I am a cranky old woman.

What in the hell has happened to grocery baggers? Never mind style, how about just some basic common sense? Since when is it OK to put a bag of spinach at the bottom of a bag full of  winter squash and apples?  Thanks for the spinach juice, dumb ass!! I unload the groceries in the order I would like them bagged, in an attempt to make it easy for you to just pick up and put in a freaking bag!  Oh and thanks for the potato dust that used to be chips because you thought it OK pile all my bags on top of each other back into my cart.  Seriously, can’t you see? Or hear them crunching as you toss my groceries into my cart? Hell no, I don’t want help from you to my car!!

I bring my own bags, but you still insist on putting every bottle of soap, can of room spray and meat that is already in a plastic bag into yet ANOTHER plastic bag…and then act pissed when I tell you for the third time, that I don’t want any plastic bags!!! WTF???  And while we are talking about bags, do you think that maybe the cooler bag would be best for the frozen items? Apparently you think putting one frozen item per bag will keep all the groceries cool…including the hot roasted chicken I was taking home for dinner. Lovely. FYI, when you surround celery with frozen items, it freezes the celery, rendering it inedible. So glad I paid my hard earned money for food I can’t use, thanks to your inattention, inexperience and general lack of giving a shit.

You guys need to take a lesson from whomever is training Trader Joes‘ baggers, they are the bomb! And they manage to act like they like their job in the process! Imagine that!

Here is an idea, you unload my cart and I’ll bag, OK? Because I know what I have in there and know what to expect. And I will have no one but myself to blame if my groceries are fucked up. And while I’m ranting-cashiers-if you put a big pile of change on a pile of paper bills, it is gonna slide off!!  I get you have no idea what counting change back means, as your brain has been taken over by the digital scanning system that tells you exactly how much my change is, but do you think you can put the coin in my hand before the flat bills that are larger than my hand so I can fucking hang on to it??

Whew, I feel better. Thanks and have a nice day :-)


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Hi everyone, a little about me: I’ve been an operating room nurse for 18 years. I was one of the lucky ones who procured a job in the OR right out of nursing school. And except for a short stint in Labor & Delivery, surgery has been the main (only) focus of my career. I have worked in small rinky dink hospitals and large teaching institutions and everything in between. I’ve worked as a full time/part time/perdiem and as a traveler. I’ve held staff nurse positions as well as charge nurse positions. Once I was even a manager (never again). I currently hold a bachelors in nursing (recently achieved) and am in the planning (read: saving) stage of getting my masters. All of the above statements will be addressed in later posts, as I have strong feelings about each of those subjects (as well as a variety of other non-nursing subjects, you will learn). I believe that knowledge is power, and I’m not talking about “book lernin”. I mean that the more you know about what you are experiencing, the more control you feel you have resulting in less anxiety about the experience (whether positive or negative). So, I don’t tend to sugar coat answers to direct questions. I think normal (??) adult humans respond best to honesty. Which means many of my posts will be discussing the surgery experience (sticking to what I know!) for the patient; what happens leading up to, during and immediately after having surgery. Disclaimer: everything I say here is based on MY experience, and does not tacitly represent any institution for whom I currently, or have ever worked. Not that I am gonna name names anyway. But just in case. I’m just sayin.-Bossy Mae, BSN, RN, CNOR

  • thealefamily25

    What I only go to Trader Joe’s

  • Amymomof3girls

    I’ve never stepped in a Trader Joe’s before, but now I certainly won’t! I just go to Harris Teeter and Food Lion.