Wine on a Dime; My Cheap Piss Pick of the week

Drum roll please……

Segura Viudas Brut Rose D.O. Cava. You all know how I feel about bubbles. This is a pretty solid wine, and you should be able to buy it for about $9. I’ve seen it as low as $8 and as high as $11. I regularly buy both the Brut and Brut Rose when I’m having parties or making Mimosas. If you are putting OJ in your Vueve, you are throwing your money away. There is no good reason to spend a lot of money on Champagne if you are adding OJ.

This is a Spanish Cava that is 90% Trepat and 10% Grenacha (grape varietals). It is a bigger sparkling wine, but still has great aromas of Strawberry, red currant and grapefruit. It has a full mouth feel, a  Boujolais like fruit character and, of course, those palate cleansing bubbles. Also to be noted is a slight smoky accent. A whole lot of good stuff going on for just$9 bucks!

It pairs well with grilled tuna, brie or camembert cheeses. Great with raw oysters or salmon sashimi.

Now go out there and get your swerve on, girl! As always, Happy Friday!

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