Wine on a Dime; My Cheap Piss Pick of the Week

Red WineMy new Fav!  Entwine 2010 Merlot from California.  I paid $10.99 for the bottle, perfect for wine on a dime.

It has red fruit aromas with plum, cherry and black tea on the palate.  I like this wine because there are a lot fruit flavors and it has just enough acidity to go really well with most any type of food.  I would pair it with pepperoni pizza or a lamb shank.  It’s a great wine for everyday dinners.  The winery recommends mac and cheese and meatloaf as a pairing!

I know the movie Sideways kinda steered people away from Merlot, but let me tell you that is total crap.  Merlot is the primary grape used in most Bordeauxs and is the most widely planted grape variety in Bordeaux.  For those of you who don’t know, Bordeaux is a region in France that produces the most sought after, expensive and beautiful wines in the world.  If you like reds but don’t drink Merlot, you should.  They pair well with many foods and are very easy drinking.

Start with this one and we’ll go from there!  Bottoms up bitches and Happy Friday!














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