Wine on a Dime; My Cheap Piss Pick of the Week

While I’m not saying I love it, it is fitting given my last post and this festive time of year. I feel like anyone who loves wine, even if they don’t know a great deal about it, needs to experience it once: I give you Georges Duboeuf 2012 Beaujolais Nouveau! It was $10.99 a bottle – which is not an amazing price.

Dark in color, but very light on the palate. It has massive strawberries and cream on the nose but it’s all pear, banana, and strawberry on the palate. It has a short pear finish. I have to admit that I haven’t had a Beaujolais Nouveau in about 5 years. I just simply haven’t enjoyed them in the past.  I will say this is one of the best vintages I’ve had. Some of the vintages I’ve had just tasted like over ripened ( that’s my euphemism for rotten) strawberries, but this one tastes fresher then the ones I’ve experienced in the past. I guess I’m just saying if your interest is piqued, this is a great vintage to try. I feel like it’s very true to what winemakers try to accomplish each year with Beaujolais Nouveau.

It will pair well with your turkey and cranberry sauce, candied yams, and fruit cake! If you are going to run out and get it tonight, try it with a grilled chicken salad with apples, dried cranberries,  candied walnuts and maybe some goat cheese.

Party on Wayne, and Happy Friday!

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I was born a share croppers daughter.... Nope that was George Jefferson. Well son, whatever. I am married and have 2 amazing girls, 5 and 3 years old. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology from a private woman's university. I learned endurance, stamina, how to love and be loved while I studied there, but I figured out that I was capable of anything afterword. I spent 3 years backpacking through Europe and East Africa and then relocated to San Francisco's Bay area. Being a part of the food and wine culture there ignited my passion. Now back on the East Coast, I am a stay at home Mom, Certified Sommelier, Blogger and all around fruitcake!

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